Use these Android Apps to Avoid Burnout


When you would like to preserve your mental health, the key sentence is: “Reduce stress.”. Keeping deadlines, solving complex and difficult problems, having far-reaching goals are all sources of pressure on you. So as the lack of feedback, since in most cases, the evaluation comes only after you completely finished a task or a project, and you cannot feel the success of completing sub-tasks, or taking steps towards the goal.

Productivity Android apps provide enormous help in reducing the pressure on you. They allow you to organize, prioritize and visualize your goals. With the help of them, you can keep track of what you have achieved, which makes it easier for you to feel effective, and reduces the risk of missing deadlines.

Todoist is one of the best Android apps of this kind. It provides a nice and clear visual interface, with the help of which you can divide your goals into sub-branches, and can easily modify and reorganize them. The app works online and offline as well and provides 24/7 sync with all your devices – even on your desktop.

Apps for Staying Focused

We have to upset you. Multitasking is only a myth. You cannot focus on multiple things at the same time. Even those who seem to be good at multitasking are faking it. They do not split their focuses, they are just keeping on focusing on one thing to the other – which is tiring in the long run.

Instead of trying to focus on everything in parallel, it is better to prioritize things, and doing them one after the other. In the beginning, it is hard to believe that you can do all of them on time, but once you are a bit practiced in staying focused and being on time, you’ll enjoy having productive, stress-free, and endurable workdays.

Pomodoro technique is rather a famous hack for boosting your focus. The main idea of it is to divide your main task into small branches. For 25 minutes you will need to work for one small task only. After this period of time, you have 3 minutes breaks, when you can leave your desk for a slip of fresh air, check your e-mails, or read an article of your favorite blog. Then, another 25 minutes start – hopefully with a new task.

Of course, there are many good Android apps to utilize this technique. Como todo is a good example. It is also a clear, easy-to-use app, which, in combination with your other task management apps, is a perfect tool to help you to do a bigger amount of work within a shorter time.

Create Feedback
Getting feedback is a very important factor in avoiding burn out. If you do not have evaluation, you do are not supervised and you cannot measure the value of your work, you easily start feeling useless. Of course, there are cases when you cannot get feedback from your colleague or your boss, in other situations the feedback will not be objective enough – especially when your client tend to underestimate your work.



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