Most useful apps for teachers


ClassDojo is one of the best virtual classroom applications. Parents want to know about what’s happening in the classes, how their children’s performance goes, and also want to make sure if the teacher is doing her job right. ClassDojo creates a platform for cooperation between the triangle of parents, students, and the teacher. Teachers can upload photos, videos, or written texts about the happenings of the day, and students can do the same as well in their personal digital portfolios. They can upload the math test they are proud of or a nice drawing. This way parents always keep informed but even if this is not enough, the app also enables messaging between the parent and the teacher. ClassDojo has another function as well: motivating children by setting up a list of several things to do – like work hard, or help others – and encouraging them to achieve these goals by giving so-called Dojo points. It turns the strive to perform well into a game, which is always an efficient method in education. As part of motivating, the app provides a customizable surface for the students, for example, they can choose their own funny avatar. This way they enjoy using the app and can create a bigger engagement towards the class, the teacher, and other school-related things as well.

Teaching doesn’t end at checking attendance, giving grades, and informing parents. It is also important to provide the possibility for students to practice what they have learned on the classes. Quizlet is an easy and smart way for that. Using flashcards, teachers can create their own set of cards about a certain topic and students can test their memories in the ’Learn’ mode. They are able to create their own flashcards as well about things they have difficulties to remember to. Thanks to its quiz-like method, homework given via Quizlet can be more efficient as it turns the „have to do” into a game. Quizlet suits best for learning languages or maths – students can even listen to the pronunciation of words.



TED videos don’t need any introduction – now here it is the app version to have it at hand with one tap. Gladly, it is getting more and more widespread to use TED as an educational tool – though for now, it is more common in universities than in primary or high schools. While TEDTalks are actually very diverse and covering topics that are interesting and useful for the youngsters as well. Use them to spice up ordinary classes with a powerful talk or share them through the apps above for students to watch it as homework. TED videos can work also as great inspirational sources before a group project or school research.


Some students tend to forget about homework, deadlines, or the dates of the exams. Instead of having to remind them one by one, with using Remind you can keep the whole class always updated. It is basically a messaging app designed for teacher-student communication but besides messages, it is also possible to schedule reminders. Remind has another clever function: it indicates who read the message already and who are the ones that haven’t yet. This way the teacher knows if everyone receives the information and is aware of its content – so no excuses even for the most forgetful ones.


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