Harmonizing Guest Stay with the Montcalm Hotel App

With a high degree of luxury, the hotels have won many industry awards by giving guests the height of relaxation and indulgence combined with outstanding facilities and exceptional service. As evident in the promotional video, the hotel itself, rooms, and service are all catered to the visitor’s needs combined with being situated in a high-demand location across Central London. Through phenomenal design-led suites integrated with the latest in-room technology and luxurious amenities, Montcalm Group offers a truly innovative hotel experience to every customer. This is exemplified with the functionalities of the dedicated app which gives its users the freedom to experience a highly individualized stay.

The app, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, lets guests explore the spas, restaurants, and view a gallery of the hotel images/videos to gauge the hotel even before booking their stay. Upon opening the app, users can check into the hotel prior to arrival to avoid any lines at the service desk and even have a mobile key card downloaded straight to their phone to utilize the NFC chip as opposed to receiving conventional door cards. Once in the room, the app enables users to adjust lighting and temperature settings for individualized tastes. Most notably, the Mobile Valet application is designed to bring the hotel facilities and services to life. It enables trend-savvy travelers to interact with the hotel like never by letting guests do a virtual tour of the property and it services, browse the in-room menu and even place an order directly. Guests can also make a restaurant reservation; book a spa treatment, view maps, and local attractions, request for concierge services, along with a host of other services straight from the app.

Although this interconnected solution enhances the user experience, the utilization of personal information for tailored results can be seen as overreaching personal boundaries. Despite being highly catered to the individual, the use of personal information such as interests, friends, and travel habits, those who are sensitive about their privacy can be deterred to use such an app. However, the movement towards a more digitally integrated identity is not only an exclusive issue with Montcalm but is one which encompasses a growing number of technologies ranging from mobile phones to even cars.

With the digital economy rapidly improving the customer experience with platforms connecting data to deliver personalized intelligence, the use of the Montcalm app is essential in maximizing individualized experience during a stay in the Montcalm Hotel chain. Even for those who are not familiar with the chain, the app offers up-to-date deals on available rooms to ensure users of the app receive the best prices for their stay. As one of the first hotels to introduce such an integrated app that is able to connect nearly every aspect of a user’s stay, guests are given complete control coupled with the experience of a five-star hotel to enhance the luxury in a way that no other hotels have current be able to do.

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