Classic Racing Games for Android


Tiki gods just wanna have fun. And, inside a volcano, go-cart racing apparently ranks high on the fun list. Tiki Kart 3D is a game that lets you pick a god, and drive his cart in a circuit of winner-take-all races. The setting, characters, and mischief make the game a worthy download.

Choose your god from the initial screen (they all look like idols carved from wood come to life) and learn their carts’ special abilities, like extra boost when you ride over a spring. Then, you’re off to the races. The game provides practice runs before a race, so you can get familiar with the controls — touch the screen to accelerate, and tilt your device to steer. It’s worth using these tutorials, as you’ll race faster with a little experience, and finishing in the top positions of a race unlocks new courses.

As you might expect from Tiki idols, there’s a lot of hijinks on these highways. The other racers have weapons — like oil and rockets — that they’ll use against you. Fortunately, if you snatch pineapple power-ups during a race, you can also obtain these tools and things like power boosts that will slow other drivers and speed you up. The courses themselves include crazy loop-the-loops and other challenges, which turn the view temporarily upside down. A great tropical soundtrack keeps you bouncing along.

Racing-game fans and kids will enjoy this light-hearted romp with the gods. And, National Geographic explorers will be excited to learn what really goes on inside a volcano.

Reckless Racing

The game takes after some popular classics found in old arcades with its bird’s-eye view and
extra-sensitive controls. It’s set up in a dirt rally format with dirty cars and even dirtier characters. Using one of the five control schemes available, you will be sliding your way through the mud to the finish line. The game comes with a single-player and multiplayer with an online option which made for
some great replay value. Though the single-player boasts a few different modes to try out,
the multiplayer-only offers two to pick from.

Of course, what is a racing game without cars? 18 detailed cars are on offer and all are fully customizable by the player. A number of of upgrades are available for each vehicle ranging from body-kits to engines, and these can be visually customized too. It’s a virtual garage in your pocket. You can then take your custom cars onto the road, selecting from 24 different routes. With a number of options and game modes from which to choose, Polarbit’s sequel delivers on every front. If you love racing (heck, if you like games in general), I highly suggest you pick up this gem.

GT Racing 2

The game boasts more than 100 real-life cars from 25 different manufacturers. According to Gameloft, you have as many as 14 different courses to race them on and even some urban and rally tracks. This a multiplayer game in which you can duke it out with as many as five other people online. Like many other Gameloft titles for the Android platform, this game is not available in the marketplace and can only be found in their online store.

TurboFly HD

TurboFly 3D is a fast-paced futuristic racing game. Based on the design of the ships and how they move, the game almost reminds me of Star Wars-style pod racing. This game features five different ships and there are several different kinds of weapons and power-up boosts available for each. The point of this game is to win as many races as you can. If you are successful, you can unlock many more picturesque racing courses and ships. Choose to play in three different gaming modes, either “normal,” “pursuit” or “endurance.”

An official game from Breitling, this airplane racing game is based on the National Championship Air Races that take place annually in Reno, Nevada. Pilots across a number of categories come to compete in the desert. You’ll need more than just speed to be a winner in the Reno Air Races, as each plane requires a different skill set. Choose your aircraft, from warbirds to jets, and race with full 3D graphics and weather effects. The game supports gyroscopic and touches controls, so this is one you can really get into.



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