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With so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that exist among app icons from the Google Play Store, Lines Free is able to standardize the icons into clean, sleek outlines to provide more transparency for the background as well as a more uniform appearance. Beyond just the icons, complete themes can be selected to include both the icons and tailored backgrounds for the best combinations that have been selected by professionals. While the notion that icons are typically fixed and cannot be customized, Lines Free is able to host a database of over 3,000 outlines for the most popular apps which helps to deviate from the given stock icons. Couple this with an analog clock, the add-on is one of the best ones for customizing how the apps and screen appear.

One of the hottest devices currently on the market is the Google Pixel with its impressive hardware as well as new take on the Android operating system. Although the device is one which is highly sought after, it is also one of the most expensive which makes it difficult for many people to purchase. To reconcile this, Pixel Icon Pack allows users to customize their device to replicate the Google Pixel user interface without having to spend a large amount on the actual device itself. With this interface add-on, users are able to get rounded icons, the dock, widget drawers, and desktop that is indistinguishable from the original. Even within the add-on, users are able to further personalize their experience with the Google Pixel interface such as theme colours and layout for an even more unique experience, making it a powerful customization tool.

With the battery icon being so small in the corner, it can often be difficult to read unless the battery percentage is enabled which takes up more space on the status bar. In order to customize this, Energy Bar is a simple line that spans the top of the device as a more visually appealing indicator. Users are also able to change their preferences depending on what colour they want to see at different battery levels. Furthermore, the pulsating animation once a device is charging is also able to give more information when compared to the basic battery indicator. For example, beyond just the current battery status, Energy Bar also displays the change in battery level since the phone has begun charging. As a lightweight tool that takes nearly no memory space when it operates, it can even able to automatically hide during full-screen activities to be a great option to customize the default battery indicator.

A common habit among many phone users is to check for notifications or time by activating the phone very briefly to have a quick glance at the lock screen. Always On AMOLED aims to provide users with this information without actually having to activate the screen by having the device screen always on, as the name implies. Although the screen is always on, it is entirely black with the most relevant information in white as a way to save battery life. To further save on battery, Always On will automatically dim in darker environments or activate only when the phone is tilted at a certain angle using the built-in gyroscope hardware. The screens themselves are highly customizable as users can choose exactly what they want to see including time, date, clock, and colour of the text. To customize the lock screen display and get notifications and information without ever having to touch the phone, Always On is a tool that can provide a unique and original interface.

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