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Last updated: June 26, 2023

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APKadvice.com Key Metrics

Founded Year: 2019

Location: Lumberport, United States

Company Stage: Unfunded

Competitive Performance: Ranked 1154th among 1154 competitors

Company profile of APKadvice.com

What sectors and market segments does APKadvice.com operate in?

APKadvice.com serves in the B2C space in the Mobile, Gaming market segments.

The primary business models of APKadvice.com are:

Funding and Investors of APKadvice.com

How much funding has APKadvice.com raised till date?

  • APKadvice.com has not raised any funding rounds yet.

Who are the investors in APKadvice.com?

  • APKadvice.com does not have any institutional investors.
  • APKadvice.com does not have any Angel Investors.

Competitors of APKadvice.com

Competitive landscape of APKadvice.com

  • APKadvice.com has 1026 active competitors and it ranks 1,154th among them.
  • 18 of its competitors are funded while 26 have exited.
  • Overall, APKadvice.com and its competitors have raised over $451M in funding across 51 funding rounds involving 87 investors.
  • There are no private Unicorns in the entire competition set.

Which are the top competitors of APKadvice.com?

  • GameStop – Grapevine based, 1996 founded, Public company
  • Aptoide – Lisbon based, 2011 founded, Series B company
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment – Lyon based, 1955 founded, Funding Raised company

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Frequently asked questions about APKadvice.com

When was APKadvice.com founded?

APKadvice.com was founded in 2019

Where is APKadvice.com located?

APKadvice.com is located in Lumberport, United States.

Is APKadvice.com a public company?

APKadvice.com is not a Public company. Its current company stage is Unfunded


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